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About Us / Who We Are

World of Braiding & extensions in the UK's first hair braiding academy.

With Habia CPD certification, a professional classroom attached to a braiding salon, World of Braiding is the industries leader in hair braiding training.

Now with over 7 years experience of teaching hair braiding & extensions in various London councils, we have trained students from a variety of backgrounds in UK cities and the world over - USA, Poland, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, The Netherland, South Africa, Barbados to name a few who have qualified to run successful salons.

The chief trainer Joy Phido is an experienced Master Braider, a state registered Hairdresser with the UK Hairdressing Council and a qualified teacher.

We exhibit at various national and international shows including the industries most prestigious Salon International show in London.

Our training is for a variety of Clients - Mothers - To save money for the unemployed - to make money and start your own business. Hairdressing students - Add more skill, Salon owner - make more pfofit and Grow your business.


  • We are UK'S first specialist Hair Braiding Academy
  • We have HABIA CPD Certification to give you international recognition.
  • We run our training from a professionally set up classroom which is attached to a Braiding Salon to give you theory & practice.
  • We have over 7 years experience of teaching hair braiding, weaves & extensions which we started with varied London Councils including Newham and Harrow and have grown to teaching students from varied backgrounds and cities in UK and the world at large – USA, Poland, Norway, Netherland to mention a few
  • We participate and exhibit at various National & International Hair Shows including the industry's most prestigious Salon International Show in London.
  • Our Chief Trainer Joy Phido is an experienced Master Braiding Consultant with over 21 years experience, a State Registered Hairdresser with the UK Hairdressing Council, a qualified teacher and is experienced in a variety of international businesses.
  • With the world's awareness of healthy hair, the demand for glamorous hair extensions styles made popular by celebrities, this is your opportunity to take: HAIR BRAIDING & EXTENSIONS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

How we train you (what we offer) in the professional hair braiding courses.

One-to-one detailed step-by-step hands-on practical demonstration of the technique you want so you can achieve your skill immediately

Theory into every technique you learn so you gain clear understanding.

General theory into the business of hair beauty

A) know the science of hair structure and how to work with it. details on hair extensions types, sources and styles they are best suited for

b) detail into hair products that work to create healthy and long hair for you and your clients

C) information on current hair styles and names.

General information on Business management with our Hair Beauty Bootcamp - this includes business knowledge, information, web site, business plan, social networking sites membership etc etc.

a) Customer care to bring about repeat clientele

b) client consultation to avoid mistakes

c) Marketing tips on how to grow your business when you spread the word, marketing plan etc.

Get a folder to contain all the information you need to know.

Get a portfolio of your pictures – ready for your clients and possible employers.

Get 2 weeks after training work experience with us to gain confidence – if you choose or we will introduce you to a salon near to you to gain experience.

Get 2 hours one-to-one business and marketing advise from the Head of training to get you started in your business.

Join us to attend Hair shows, workshops and events if you want to see firsthand how our industry operate

Our training is flexible so we allow you the opportunity to choose a time to suit you, choose a training plan that is suitable for you and work with you according to your needs – beginner or advanced levels.

We introduce you to clients as your name is included on our database where work nearest to your area of practice will be passed on to you.

We train you in all hair types - Afro or European - so you become a versatile Braiding Consultant.

We introduce you to clients as your name is included on our database where work nearest to your area of practice will be passed on to you.

What you gain form your skill and Knowledge

  1. Gain a skill that is yours for life and a skill that puts money in your hands.
  2. Earn from £500 - £1,500 a week when you start using your skill immediately.
  3. Become your own boss when you start your own business.
  4. Work from home, in a salon, start your own salon or grow your salon when you add on more services.
  5. Offer your service freelance or become mobile.
  6. Meet new people and make new friends in your business.
  7. Be free to travel to anywhere with your new skill.
  8. Have the knowledge to work on all hair types which increases your customer base.
  9. Relocate to anywhere in the world to a place where you are appreciated. With our HABIA Certification you will gain professional and international recognition.
  10. There are no job losses or redundancy in your skill as you decide when and how to work with it.
  11. Work around your family and have the time to add quality to your family life
  12. Your skill is transferable and you can pass it on to your loved ones.

Who is our client?

YOU. We can train you irrespective of age, race or gender from complete beginner to advanced professional level.

We work with - mothers who want to save money by braiding your children's hair. Unemployed person who want to earn money by gaining a skill that guarantees income in your hands, start your business and become your own boss?

Employed and not sure about your job but wants to earn extra income. Salon owners who want to increase your profit and grow your business. Hairdressing students who wants to add more skill to what you have. A hair braider who wants to become professional to attract the right clients. etc etc.

Why Professional Hair Braiding? Hair & Beauty industry is at its most lucrative right now. Market research confirms that consumption in this industry is expected to be as high as $4.2 trillion by 2013. www.marketresearch.com. This is why we at World of Braiding are happy to help you earn from this business and be part of an exciting industry. Our passion is our commitment to help you achieve your dream of gaining the skill of hair braiding. One thing we guarantee is that you will gain the skill of braiding.

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