A. It is the interweaving of 3 strands of hair to form a rope – Single Plaits. It is the interweaving of 3 strands of hair on a pre-determined track – cornrows The intertwining of 2 strands of hair to form a rope – twist.
A. We offer training consultation on all our students. The ensures that we only train you on techniques that we both know will be beneficial to your needs. We know that one size does not fit all in our training so we are flexible and bespoke. We meet your individual needs as no 2 people are the same.
A. Every training course is unique and training duration varies according to the content of the course.
A. No. You do not need prior experience in Braiding as we can train you from beginner level to an advanced level. All we demand is that you have an interest in Hair Beauty and willing to learn from beginning.
A. Yes you will get a certificate after our training. However, if you require an Internationally recognised certificate, then you will need to take up any of our 3 major courses which is Certified by HABIA – The UK's Government approved organisation for ensuring Standard and training Hair and Beauty. This is currently highest level of recognition in Hair Braiding. Ask for details when you register.
A. Hair Braiding is for everyone. World of Braiding is at the fore-front of training everyone with an interest in Braiding to gain this unique skill. Our training is offered to everyone irrespective of race, age and gender.
A. No Hair Braiding does not damage natural and healthy hair. Hair can get damaged if the client often times apply chemicals in the form of relaxers, perms, colours etc and then braid their hair immediately after. Hair should be given at least 2 weeks to rest after a chemical process before applying braids. When hair is in braids, the hair should be well treated and taken care of.


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