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Why would you need our help!!

Are you a Mum who wants to braid and tidy your children's hair without spending too much money and time at the salon; are you worried about redundancy or unemployment and want to create a new career path in hair and beauty; are you bored and frustrated with your present job and want extra income to support your needs; are you a hairdressing student who wants to add a variety of skill to your knowledge; are you a hair braiding stylist who will like to train to become a professional braider so you can work on all hair types and work with modern and current tools; or are you a salon owner who do not know what your staff is doing in the salon or simply want to add more services to your current business?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then come to us as we have the tools to train you to become a professional braiding stylist on all hair types – Afro or European hair.

Why choose World of Braiding?

  • We are certified by the hair and beauty industry leader HABIA with a CPD approval.
  • We are UK's first professional Hair Braiding Academy.
  • We are the industry leader in hair braiding training – the only braids training academy with a set up classroom attached to a Braiding Salon.
  • We teach you theory and hands-on practical skill with a step-by-step instruction.
  • We have experienced braiders who are also qualified teachers who understand that not all students are on the same level of learning.
  • We train you from complete beginner to professional level.
  • We train you on all hair types – Afro & European hair types.
  • We offer you complete package training on how to get into the business of braiding.
  • We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.



This course gives a general introduction to braiding. It involves the basic skill of braiding from the beginner level. Ideal for students who are new to braiding or are not sure of their braiding skill.

Content: 4 basic techniques of braiding. 1.Singles - natural, 2.Singles Plait extensions 3.Cornrows – natural, 4.Cornrows extensions

Plus (FREE) HAIR BEAUTY BOOTCAMP(worth £199) Duration: 5 days (10am - 5pm) of intensive hands-on & theory training. Doing the Math:How you will recover your investment Pricing your Business/service after training

Doing Single plait a days@£100X 6 days =£600 per week £600 Per week X52 weeks =£31,200 per year Cornrows@£40(doing 3 in 1 day)=£120 per dayX6 days=£720 per week £720 per weekX52 weeks=£37,400 per year

Foundation / Advanced Course


Gain a full knowledge of all areas of braiding – singles, cornrows, twisting, weaving, and extensions in a full course that contains a combination of all you need to get into the business. Gain 13 Modules of Practical Hair Designing Business skills suitable to students who already own salons or intend to start a salon but need the know-how to move their business forward and avoid turning away clients. Also suitable to international students who do not want to keep travelling to improve on skills or take different classes. Note: Students do not need any prior experience or knowledge of braiding as this course also deals with all levels that students may require.

Content: 13 techniques of braiding 1.Single Box Braids – natural 2. Single Box Braids + Extensions, 3.Feather tips Box Braids with extensions & natural finish, 4.Human hair braiding, 5.Pixie, 6.Ghana braids, 7.Zig-zag cornrows 8.Two Strand natural Twist, 9. Senegalese twist, 10.Afro kinky twist, 11.Pick'n'drop, 12.Tree Braid weave, 13.Full cornrow weave (content will vary according to students' requirement) Plus (FREE) NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £199) Duration: 12 days Flexible 1 day a week (10am – 5pm) of intensive hands-on training

£2,500 FLEXIBLE 12 DAYS &
£3000 INTENSIVE 20DAYS (back to back)

Afro-European Weaving/Extensions Course


This course is aimed at offering the skill of weaving to add extensions to client's hair. It includes stitching with needles & thread and other current weave techniques. The skill you gain can be applied on women of all races who have different natural hair types (Afro, European or Asian). With 4 Modules of Practical Weave Hair Designing Business skills, you will gain so much to add to your salon service – full cornrow weave, European track weave, Tree braid weave & Bonding Weave or Micro bead strand-by-strand extensions (the most healthy & natural extensions used by celebrities). In addition to the techniques, you will learn how to cut & style your weave, flat iron, curl etc. You will get to know about health & safety in hair weaving, weave maintenance, products, quality weave extensions to give the most glamorous natural looking weaves, take out weaves/ extensions etc.

Content: 5 Practical Business skills.

1 CORNROW NATURAL HAIR. 2. CORNROWS ADD EXTENSIONS 3. Full Cornrow weave, 4.European Track weave 5.Micro Beads strand-by-strand extensions (content may vary according to clients' need)


Duration: 10 days (10am – 5pm) of intensive hands-on training.

Price: £1,800
Training Dates: Flexible


This is top of the range full packaged training is to get students into every aspect of the braiding business. This course is for anyone who wants to be fully involved with Hair Braiding on an international level. With 22 Modules of Practical Hair Designing Business skills, this student not only gets well informed in knowledge but gets all the practical work they desire to be up and running in the business. The content includes modern braids on all hair types such as European (Caucasian hair), Kinky Afro hair types of all textures – natural or chemically relaxed hair, Asian hair types etc. This course releases the creativity of students to explore and try new ideas. Skills to be gained range from modern cornrows; modern twists, modern weaves, to extensions (strand-by-strand used by celebrities). This full course combines all the specialist courses and is aimed at students who are ready to move their braiding business to the next level on the international arena.

Content: 22 Modules of Practical Hair Designing Business skills

DURATION: 22 Days flexible training (22 weeks one day a week 10am-5pm)

Price: £4,500

Duration: 40 days (10am – 5pm) of intensive back to back hands-on training

Price: £6,000

Course content: . 1 Single plaits natural & add extensions, 2.cornrows natural & add extensions, 3.Feathers tips, 4.Pixie, 5.Curly hair extns,6 Yarn braiding, 7. Two strand twist, 8. Afro Kinky twist, 9.Senegalese twist, 10.Cornrows pineapple style, 11 Nubian twist, 12 zig zag/criss-cross, 13 Ghana/banana 14 comb twist locs, 14 palm roll lock maintenance, 15 Silky locs, 16 Loc extension, 17 Tree braid weave 18. Bonding weave 19. Cornrow designed or braid designed weave, 20. Full Cornrow weave 21. Extensions – glue gun infusion, 22. Extensions – micro linking infusion(contents may vary for requirement)


Pick your techniques on a pay as you go plan. This plan helps you to organize your budget to suit your training. For example, you can braid but you need the latest braiding technique to add more to your existing line of service or to braid aparticular technique on your family and friends.

Content: 1 technique of braiding ( as required– eg Ghana braid, Tree braid etc)

Duration: 1 day (10am – 5pm) of intensive hands-on training.

Price: £299.00


These courses are specialized in different areas of braiding and is useful to students who are interested in becoming SPECIALIST OR EXPERTS in their chosen areas of braiding.

a. CORNROW COURSE - 5 techniques of cornrows – £1000 - 5 days (natural cornrow, add extns, ghana cornrow, zig zag, criss cross)

b. BRAIDING COURSE - 7 techniques of braiding – £1,000 - 5 days (natural singles, add extns, feather tips, pick'n'drop, curly, pixie, bantu knots)

c. TWISTING - 5 techniques of twisting – £1000 – 5 days – (two strand natural, afro kinky, silky, yarn twist, corkscrew)

d. LOCKING - 4 techniques of locking – £1500 - 5 days. (single strand loc, comb twist, loc extensions, crochet loc, loc maintainance & theory on locs)

f EXTENSIONS - 3 techniques of strand-by-strand extensions including fullinformation /theory on extensions (worn by celebrities). £1,000 – 2 days (glue gun extn, micro bead extns – bulk hair, Micro Ring Extension – pre-bonded extns)

Duration: see individual courses.
Price: See individual Courses
Note: Some specialist course may require prior knowledge of braiding skill e.gweaving skill. Content of course will be negotiated between student and trainer.
Training days – Discuss with Trainer.


Why not train to be a qualified lace wig technician with our one day HANDS-ONWORKSHOP. With lace wigs made popular by celebrities like Tyra Banks, Beyonce', Jada Pinket-Smith, Oprah Winfrey etc, this is the time to join others who are creating beauty on their clients and making money from it.

Content: With this course, you will know different lace wig hair types, know different lace cap types & designs, General overview of head measurement, achieving proper care and maintenance techniques, preventing hair and scalp damage, preventing hair loss etc.

You will have Hands-on-Application with different techniques (tape, glue, and tape/glue combo), Easy, fast & thorough cleaning techniques, achieving a natural hair line and scalp appearance, professional way to take out wig to eliminate damage to client's hair & scalp and many more

Duration: 2 days (10am – 5pm) of intensive hands-on training

Price: £500


CONTACT US ON 01702 339 858 OR email for booking


1. Introduction to Braiding 5days4 Business skills 1.Single plaits natural hair 2.Single plaits add extensions 3.Cornrow natural hair 4.Cornrows add Extensions.Plus (FREE) 1 day NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £199) 800
Excluding Kit & Uniform (price to be confirmed on registration)
2a. Foundation to HairBraiding (Flexible) 12 Days (1 Day a week training period of 3 months)13 Business skills 1.Single Box Braids – natural 2. Single Box Braids add Extensions, 3.Feather tips Box Braids with extensions & natural finish, 4.Human hair braiding, 5.Cornrows -natural hair, 6. Cornrows add extensions 7.Ghana braids,  8.Two Strand natural Twist, 9. Senegalese  twist, 10.Afro kinky twist, 11.Track Weave extensions 12.Tree Braid weave, 13.Full cornrow Closure weave (content will vary according to  students' requirement) Plus (FREE) 2 days NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £99) 2,500
2.b Foundation to HairBraiding (Intensive) 20 Days of Daily training (back to back)13 Business skills Same as 2.APlus (FREE) 2 days NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £299) 3,000
3a. Afro European Hair Weaving  10 Days 5 Business skills 1 Cornrow natural Hair 2. Cornrow Add Extensions 3. Full Cornrow weave  4.European Track weave 5.Micro Beads strand-by-strand extensions (content may vary according to clients' need)Plus (FREE) 2 days NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £299) 1,800 
3b. Afro Hair Weaving Course  6 Days3 Business skills 1 Cornrow Natural hair 2. Cornrow add extensions 3. Full Cornrow weavePlus (FREE) 1 day NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £299) 1,200 
3c. Caucasian Hair Weaving Course 5 Days3 Business skills 1 Cornrow Natural hair 2. Cornrow add extensions 3.European Track weavePlus (FREE) 1 day NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £199) 1,200
4. a. International Hair Braiding Course 21 days of training (flexible 1 day per week) About 5 Months –28 Business Skills 1. Single plaits natural 2. Single plaits add extensions, 3.Cornrows natural hair 4.Cornrows add extensions, 5. Box Braids Feathers tip 6.Pixie, 7.Curly/Wavy Braids extns 8 Micro Braids 100% Human Hair  9.Yarn braiding, 10. Natural Two Strand twist 11. Afro Kinky twist, 12.Senegalese twist, 13.Ghana Cornrows -pineapple style, 14. Nubian twist, 15. Zig zag 16. Criss-cross 17. Comb twist locs,  18  Lock maintenance – palm roll 19. Crotchet lock maintenance, 20 Silky locs, 21 Loc extension, 22 African Twist /Corkscrew 23 . Tree braid weave 24. Track weave extensions 25. Full Cornrow Closure weave 26. Side parting Wavy hair weave  27. Strand-by-strand Extensions – Micro linking extensions 28. Micro beads infusion extensions (contents may vary for requirement)Plus (FREE) 2 days NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £299) 4,500 
4. b. International Hair Braiding Course 40 Days Daily Training(Consecutive days) 29 Business skills Same content as above in 4A 6000
5 Lace Wig Installation Course 3 Days 2 Business skills 1 Cornrows Natural2 Lace Wig Installation
3 Theory on Lace Wigs
6 Masterclass in Hair Business Enterprise  2 DaysVarious Business Understanding knowledge Understanding Business, Business Planning, Marketing, Personal Development, Customer Care, Internet & Social Network Free for Full Courses.299.99 for others
7.Specialist Coursesa.Braid Specialist Course 5 Days7 Business skills 1 natural singles, 2 add extns, 3 Box Braids feathered tips, 4 pick'n'drop, 5 curly, 6 pixie, 7 bantu knots 100% human hairPlus (FREE) 1 day NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £199) 1000 
B) Cornrow Specialist 5 Days6 Business skills 1 natural cornrow, 2 Cornrows add extns, 3 Ghana cornrow, 4 Zig zag Cornrows, 5 Criss cross cornrows 6.Pineapple cornrowsPlus (FREE) 1 day NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £199) 1000 
C)Twist Specialist 5 Days6 Business skills 1 Two strand natural, 2 afro kinky, 3 senegalese/silky, 4 Nubian twist, 5 corkscrew 6.Havana TwistPlus (FREE) 1 day NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £199) 1000 
d) Locking Specialist 5 Days7 Business Skills 1 single strand loc, 2 Combtwist, 3 Two Strand Twist 4.Loc Extensions, 5. Latch hook Crochet loc, 6. Loc maintenance – Root re-twist & crotchet tightening 7. Lock maintenance – Palm Roll
8. Locks Theory
E)Extensions Specialist 3 Days 6 Business Skills Strand-by-strand Extensions including full information /theory on extensions (worn by celebrities1.Glue gun extn, 2.Micro bead extns – bulk hair, 3. Micro Loop Extension – 4.Micro connectors     (pre-bonded extns) 5. Heat gun pre-bonded extensions 6. Brazilian knots extensions
8 Individual Skills Course TBC Confirm your needs From £300Prices to be confirmed
9. Natural Hair Care Course 5 Days 7 Business Skills  1.shampooing & Conditioning, 2.Combing & Care, 3.Single plaits – natural hair, 4.Two Strand natural twist, 5.Cornrows – natural hair, 6.Bantu knots 7.Styling natural hairPlus (FREE) 1 day NATURAL HAIR & EXTENSIONS BUSINESS MASTERCLASS (worth £199) 800
 AFFILIATE PROGRAMMES1. Extensions & Natural Hair Care Practitioner Affiliate 12 Months support and Guide All Core Practical & Business Skills in Natural Hair & Extensions Designing 15,000.00 
2. Extensions & Natural Hair Care Practitioner & Educator  2 years Support and Guide  All practical , Business & Teaching Skills in Natural Hair Care, Extensions & Weaving  30,000.00 
3. Marketing Affiliates Continuous Introduce Students Introducing a client 10%

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