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Our Mission:

What is hair braiding? It is the creative art of interweaving of strands of hair to form a design.It is also a form of grooming to tidy away hair.

Why do we braid? For beauty, unique designs, varied hair length, change of colour, volume, texture, protection from harsh weathers, to rest hair, easy maintenance etc.

Some of the celebrities known for their exotic braid designs include: Alicia Keys, Cheryl Cole, Queen Latifa, Beyonce, David Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Sean Paul, Rio Ferdinand, Brandy, Snoop Dog, Lemar to mention a few.

  • To make Hair Braiding glamorous and appreciated by everyone of all races.
  • To offer PROFESSIONAL training and make braiding accessible to everyone from all races.
  • To incorporate pride and respectability to hair braiding career.

Hair Braiding Academy

Why would you need our help!!

Are you a Mum who wants to braid and tidy your children's hair without spending too much money and time at the salon; are you worried about redundancy or unemployment and want to create a new career path in hair and beauty; are you bored and frustrated with your present job and want extra income to support your needs; are you a hairdressing student who wants to add a variety of skill to your knowledge; are you a hair braiding stylist who will like to train to become a professional braider so you can work on all hair types and work with modern and current tools; or are you a salon owner who do not know what your staff is doing in the salon or simply want to add more services to your current business?

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The Hair Braiding Salon

Whatever your reasons for choosing braids – beauty, style, change of colour, add volume, add length etc, let World of Braiding & Extensions help you modernise braids by adding flair and fun to braids.

With the blending of creative designs from America and the traditional designs of Africa, we believe hair should be healthy, beautiful and glamorous. World of Braiding is therefore at the forefront of spreading the message of healthy hair braiding where we want you to Join our slogan – get the look without the damage. To achieve this, we will provide you with a free one to one custom consultation; recommend hair styles and products suitable for the growth, maintenance and health of your hair to give you Modern Hair Braiding.

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